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Global Exim Trade production commercial company was in 2015 year as a limited illustration company. One of the attractive areas of the company's activity is export of textile products of Uzbek manufacturers. How as you know, Uzbekistan has suspended the export of cotton fiber in order to obtain complete processing of cotton within the country and increasing exports of textile products. weaving quality control procedure country status of the beneficiary 'GSP+', in all directions promotion of domestic textiles together with Uzbek our company has hired development of a strategy for the development of domestic textiles for abroad. Available from leading manufacturers textile products, legal organization of the process, prospective plans, experience of the company's employees, professional approach to solving problems, work a group of technologists, all this in the capture allows us to I declare full responsibility that sending poisoning to the republic foreign users at any level. As well as export operations, for mobile textile manufacturers we supply imported textile raw materials and chemicals from Chinese manufacturers. Besides, Global Exim Trade is the exclusive dealer for Uzbekistan, a number of leading foreign firms producing high equipment for textile industry from Germany, Italy, India, China, etc. IN addition to the above, in our company consulting and representative services in the field of inspection ready-made knitwear and textiles, consolidation cargo and their customs clearance, attracting Europe companies in the market of Uzbekistan and expansion of their activities on the market, engineering services on the nose production, installation supervision, training and service supplied equipment.

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